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We value learning in the workplace and encourage both targeted and team training.

Work Experience

We invest in future talent. Opening summer positions for paid internships and work experience for young people to work and learn in an animation studio. Follow our Instagram for details of when to apply and see our past work experience programs here → link.

Living Wage

We're an accredited Living Wage Employer. Levelling up and equal access are priorities for us.

Pride Month Reception

We celebrate all our differences and strive to strengthen the values of Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity in the company across all levels.

Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn, Production Designer in That Christmas, Tips on Art & Design

Shelley Page, Head of Talent, Tips on Portfolio

Helen Schroeder, Storyboard Artist in That Christmas, Tips on Storyboard

Conor Wilson, 1st Assistant Editor on Bad Fairies (2nd Assistant Editor on That Christmas), Tips on Editorial.

Simon Otto, Director on That Christmas, Seasons Greetings.

Olivia Phipps, Development Executive & Chloe Edgley, Development Coordinator, UK, Introducing Development in Animation