Alessandra Nisco

Department Manager of Story/Editorial, Bad Fairies

Alessandra is Department Manager of Story/Edit on Bad Fairies, and previously she was Edit Coordinator on That Christmas. After graduating in 2010 in Foreign Languages and Literatures in Italy, she moved to Los Angeles where she started collaborating on short movies and projects. At the same time, she worked for a very traditional Italian Restaurant, providing catering to famous locations and sets on Sunset Blvd. Back to Italy in 2013, Alessandra worked for Rainbow CGI, gaining credits on two TV series as translator and copywriter for their magazines. Moving to Shanghai in 2015, she took on a role as Production Coordinator for Joyspoon Animation. The passion for projects around the world brought her to Canada in 2016. In Toronto, she studied Film Studies at the University, and worked in distribution. Finally, during the pandemic, she moved to London where, before joining the Locksmith team, she worked as Production Coordinator and as Production Manager for Moonbug Entertainment.

Living in London allows her to travel back home in the south of Italy very often, where she enjoys cultivating her passion for music and writing, hoping one day to bring her own personal project to life.