Chloe Edgley

Development Creative Coordinator, UK

Chloe is the UK-based Development Coordinator for Locksmith. After graduating from a degree in English with Creative Writing, she launched herself at the Film & TV industry with a passion for storytelling, but with no idea the Development department existed - much less where to find it.

She started out as a Runner and Researcher on a variety of factual TV programmes, before she had pestered people sufficiently to let her near a script and she became a freelance reader for several live-action-drama companies in London. During the pandemic, Chloe took on a role as a Production Assistant on the animated series Obki for Sky Kids and immediately loved the imagination and fun that came with working in animation – eventually getting the exciting opportunity to write one episode. That led to freelance development work on a variety of animated projects, and then to a position as a Creative Assistant at Netflix on their in-house animated features team. After a year of providing creative support to Netflix’s wide slate of projects and filmmakers, Chloe finally got used to the L.A. /London time-zone difference in time to join Locksmith as a Writer’s Assistant on Bad Fairies, before joining full-time as a Development Coordinator.

In her spare time, Chloe enjoys playing basketball with her local LGBTQ+ team, lazing with friends on Peckham Rye, getting absorbed in a good videogame, and going for hikes.