Doug Ikeler

CTO/SVP Digital Production

Doug is the CTO and SVP of Digital Production on That Christmas at Locksmith Animation. An animation industry veteran for over 30 years. He started as a digital artist on traditionally cel animated films Doug moved through a career as a Modeler, Effects Artist, and a CG Generalist to become a Visual Effects Supervisor on several CG features. That career included Dreamworks, Sony, Aardman, Rhythm and Hues and Disney. Utilizing an even blend of technical and creative for “Making Pictures” continues to be the passion that drives him. Credits Include: (in release order) We’re Back: a Dinosaur’s tale, Balto, Coca Cola Polar Bears campaign, Waterworld, Babe, Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Spirit, Sinbad, Shrek, The Haunted Mansion, The Matrix 2, Open Season, Arthur Christmas, Ron’s Gone Wrong.

Whilst at Dreamworks at Animation’s conception, Doug was part of the first digital artists to start using CG in traditionally animated features like “Prince of Egypt”. He played a key role in establishing the digital animation process at Sony Pictures while working as the VFX Supervisor on the first animated film “Open Season”. Similarly at Disney he oversaw converting the digital process of the direct-to-video unit called Disney Toons into a Vendor based model for theatrical release.

Joining Locksmith Animation in 2018 and after completing the first feature “Ron’s Gone Wrong, Doug is working to emphasize the pre-production unit’s process to use cutting edge digital tools to establish the look and feel of a movie before it goes into production. Providing techniques and ways of working for filmmakers to get to their goals quicker, smarter and cost effectively, is his mission statement.