Freddy Chaleur

VFX Supervisor, Bad Fairies

Freddy Chaleur, a seasoned VFX supervisor, has a rich 24-year career in animation. His journey began as a Lighting and Compositing artist, and he progressed through all the departments, from modelling to rigging, surfacing, and FX. This diverse experience led him to become a versatile artist, a lead, and ultimately a VFX supervisor, where he combined art and technology to contribute to significant projects for Disney, Sony, and Paramount. His passion for this field was ignited at the age of nine, when he acquired his first computer and began self-teaching programming for image creation. Armed with a strong background in math, computer graphics, and art, Freddy has showcased his versatility internationally, from France and North America to his current base in London. His work spans across various mediums, from video games and TV series to feature films. Freddy's versatility is a testament to his unwavering love for the craft, as seen in his work for Paramount Animation on Sherlock Gnomes and Dneg for the upcoming Garfield movie 2024.