Kate Lewis

Production Coordinator - Editorial, Bad Fairies

Kate joined Locksmith in 2024 as the editorial coordinator for Bad Fairies. Up until that point she had been working in VFX and animation production in Vancouver, starting as a production assistant for MPC on Sonic the Hedgehog, then moving to WildBrain and working as a production coordinator for the animated Netflix shows Go, Dog. Go! and Sonic Prime. Once she had enough of the blue hedgehog, she went to DNEG and coordinated all departments of artists for Netflix’s Lift and then moved onto Dune Part II for their final push.

Kate also loves to write in her spare time and completed a Literature and Classics degree in Trinity College Dublin. Animation very close to Kate’s heart, so much so that she wrote her final year dissertation on Hayao Miyazaki’s film adaptations! She is excited to be working for Locksmith and creating animated classics with them.