Leah Sreshta

Department TD, Bad Fairies

Leah Sreshta is a Pipeline TD on Bad Fairies. She’s responsible for developing tools for the various departments in the company and assisting them with technical requests to ensure they are able to function efficiently. She also worked on Locksmiths’ second feature “That Christmas” by assisting with the Layout department during production.

Leah had always been interested in animation since forever thought the animation industry was unreachable. In 2017, after finishing her engineering in India, she decided to give this hidden interest a chance. Her search to get into this field led her to completing her MSc. from Bournemouth University. Since then, she has worked in the VFX industry at DNEG Mumbai and moved onto working as a Pipeline TD with Boulder Media, Dublin for their 3D feature My little Pony: A New Generation.

Along with constantly learning everything animation. Leah also spends her time dabbling in various mediums in art, with a keen interest in oil painting, all while keeping up with anything anime, obviously!