Luke Jameson

Associate Editor, Bad Fairies

Luke Jameson is the Associate Editor working on Bad Fairies for Locksmith. Luke has worked in Post-Production since 2010. Starting his career in Broadcast TV, Luke has worked on various TV shows including Top Gear and The Apprentice as well as doing on site work in Panama on The Island with Bear Grylls. With a lifelong passion for film and animation, and after moving to London from Sheffield, Luke jumped into feature animation in 2017 as Second Assistant Editor on Paramount Animation’s Sherlock Gnomes, working with director John Stevenson and editor Prakash Patel. In 2018 he joined Locksmith Animation as Second Assistant Editor working with Dave Burrows on Ron’s Gone Wrong and in 2021 moved on to That Christmas, due for release on Netflix, Christmas 2024, working with Sim Evan-Jones as Associate Editor.

In his spare time Luke enjoys running, travelling, watching movies and spending time with his new daughter!