Michaela Manas Malina

Production Manager, Bad Fairies

MMM (as everyone calls her) is the Production Manager at Locksmith.

Originally from Czechia, she moved to London 13 years ago to follow her dream to become a film producer. After obtaining a Masters degree in film producing at the Goldsmiths University of London, she started her career as a Central & Layout Coordinator on Sherlock Gnomes at Mikros Animation. Later, she went to experience working in the VFX world at Framestore on shows like Christopher Robin or Avengers: Infinity War.
She joined Locksmith in 2018 as a Senior Art Coordinator on Ron’s Gone Wrong and soon after got promoted to Art & Legal Supervisor. After Ron, she was lucky enough to join Locksmith’s fast growing development department. And after couple of years of gaining experience on how a film is made from planting a seed of an idea, she has now returned back to production as the Production Manager on the next feature film.

Besides adoring being a Mum, Michaela is an adventure lover & life enjoyer with great passion for extreme sports, travelling, music, interior design and filmmaking.

Together with her husband they shot a few live action short films on the side and have another one in development. They have also recently developed & written a feature horror script they are hoping to get on screens.