Olivia Lyne

Line Producer, Bad Fairies

Liv Lyne is the Line Producer on Bad Fairies. A born and bred Aussie but Londoner at heart. Her passion has always been in both written and visual storytelling, moving from rural Australia to Sydney to complete a degree in Creative writing before starting her Film career as a PA in Live Action Film.

Gaining experience on smaller indie projects, as well as the feature film I’Robot, she eventually found her first role in Animation and felt immediately at home– spending 7 years at Animal Logic on Happy Feet and Guardians of Gahoole.

Liv moved to London 13 years ago, working at MPC on a multitude of shows including The Jungle book, before moving to Mikros as Digital Line producer on their first UK based Animated feature, Sherlock Gnomes. Helping to build and manage the London office created solely for the film.

Directly prior to Locksmith, Liv worked as an Associate Producer and Producer at Framestore, across VFX, Animation and Immersive.

Liv is often accompanied by her French Bulldog Portra who snores louder than any human and loves cheese, sunshine and the brilliant company of her Locksmith co-workers almost as much as her owner.

As a side hustle Liv is a qualified nutritional health coach and hopes to eventually help creatives in deadline driven industries to better support their physical health and mental wellbeing.