Olly Crawford

CG Visual Development Artist, Bad Fairies

Olly Crawford is an artist in the CG Visual Development department. Working closely with the Art team, he and the rest of the Vis Dev team explores and creates imagery in 3D to help inform the creative process from a 2D sketch to fully realised CG renders.

He studied Art and Media at UAL, then moved to Ravensbourne University in Greenwich to study animation. After graduating from university he worked at Saddington Baynes an advertising post production company, as a member of the pipeline team, before moving over to the creative team as a CG generalist.

Having worked across a wide spectrum of CG productions, from commercials to product visualisation, automotive and VFX, Olly moved into the world of animation working at Jellyfish Pictures on the Dreamworks production of Spirit Untamed. Using his technical and creative experience from advertising he worked as an asset TD, modelling, surfacing, lighting, and all-round creative problem solving, during the last year of the film's production. From Jellyfish Pictures he found his home at Locksmith Animation, working on the upcoming project That Christmas and much, much more!