Prashanth Pandurangaiah

Pipeline Developer, That Christmas

Prashanth Pandurangaiah is a Pipeline Developer at Locksmith Animation. He began his career in the US at Blue Sky Studios, where he worked as a TD for the Environments department. Not only did he develop tools for them, but he also worked on Set Dressing and thus found the perfect balance between art and tech. After 5 years of programming and set dressing, he decided to explore more of the pipeline and found Cloth Simulation pique his interest. He then learned Cloth Sim from scratch and sim'd several characters in Spies In Disguise, his favourite Blue Sky Studios' movie, in addition to also Set Dressing several sequences, earning him dual credit in a single movie. He then moved to London in 2021, just as travel restrictions were being eased during the pandemic, to work at Locksmith assisting the pipeline team develop the pipeline and integrate new technologies into the studio processes.

During his free time, he loves playing video games and board games, but rarely gets to play anymore as his time is, more often than not, occupied by his precious, but hyperactive, toddler who loves running around and jumping everywhere, but not as much as she loves playing with Play-Doh.