Sam Ogunsola

Third Assistant Editor, Bad Fairies

Sam Ogunsola is the Third Assistant Editor on Bad Fairies. He is an alumnus of the University of the Creative Arts where he got an MA in Animation. He started out as a Locksmith runner in 2021, during post-production and specifically the final mix of Ron’s Gone Wrong, at Goldcrest, in Soho, in the middle of lockdown. Socially distanced from the teams, implementing the covid protocols, and generally being thrown in at the deep end. During that time Sam showed an interest in the editorial department. He maintains that “there’s a bit of a creative rush you get when you’re editing anything, as it feels like you’re putting all the pieces of the puzzle together”. This whole experience of getting to observe and help edit shape the film to tell a story, inspired Sam to move away from animating and want to be part of the editorial department. When production on That Christmas started ramping up, Sam was able to fully get involved as a trainee, becoming the Junior Edit Assistant. He loves the supportive environment at Locksmith and hopes to develop his skills and continue working with them in the future on more projects.