Silja Kanarbik

Department Manager, Bad Fairies

Silja Kanarbik is the Department Manager on Bad Fairies. She joined Locksmith as the Art Department Co-Ordinator on That Christmas in 2022 and she maintains that Locksmith’s nurturing approach to its talent, has enabled her to have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside world-class professionals in the industry that she’s passionate about. She’s currently working with the Bad Fairies team, during the initial stages of development.

After completing her master’s degree in film producing, and endless hours of reading screenplays, Silja considers herself lucky to have worked on some great live-action features in various roles. In recent years, she’s been part of a plethora of projects at Nomint and Passion. During this time, she crossed paths with animation people, where she found the ultimate creative freedom captivating and hasn’t looked back since.

When Silja isn’t working, she likes to take her loyal Dutch bike for a spin and seek new adventures, frequent theatre shows or plot future travel plans.